Solidarity is the gift that poetry gives us.


 Denise Moyo was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the United States. She attended Boston University and is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed applied behavior analyst. Denise Moyo uses poetry to speak on issues of trauma and  emotional pain. Her poetry is presented in a way that is prayerful, transformative, and healing.


The books; This Love is Like the Gitmo:Poems From My Spirit  and  No Longer Prodigal.


  Denise Moyo is the author of

  • This Love is Like the Gitmo: Poems from My Spirit
  • No Longer Prodigal: A Collection of Poetry 
  • Pregnant With Words: A Collection of Poetry.
  • Out of the Water: A Collection of Poetry. 

      Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles



A lot of people who experience emotional pain tend to suffer alone. We can use poetry to come together and share our stories. "Solidarity is the gift that poetry gives us".

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 On 12/15/18, Denise Moyo will be performing at the Wake Up and Smell the Poetry Event at HCAM TV Studios located at 77 Main St, Hopkinton, MA .

Doors open at 10:00am and the program begins 10:30am.


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